What is DARA?

DARA is Digital & Analog Reconnecting Application

Currently, there are many types of printed contents such as contents on the newspaper, magazine available on the market. So far, there was no an easy way to reuse or share those printed contents again. DARA will help solve this problem. DARA is developed to connect the printed contents to the digital one by using QR code and smartphone application. Just putting the QR code on printed content, any reader can bookmark and share that content easily using DARA smartphone application. 

  • Connecting printed articles (newspaper, magazine, etc.) to digital articles through Qrcode.

DARA Structure


Benefits of DARA Content Publisher

DARA publisher can be a newspaper, magazine, story writer, blogger, shop, temple, etc.

  • Re-use the printed content again. 

  • Generate revenue again through the banner advertisement with digitalized content.

  • Easily manage subscribers for paid contents.

  • Saving paper by shortening contents on printing paper. 

Benefits of DARA Smartphone App User

DARA smartphone app user can be anyone who owns smartphone.

  • Easy to bookmark and read later. It is good for busy people.

  • Read any content on the smartphone

  • Easy to share the content with friends, colleague, etc.

  • Save time


Website: https://dara.asia/
E-mail:  support@e-khmer.com
Phone: (855) 715533175,  (855) 887766417
Android:  Download
Phone  :  Download